Tile Laying Tips & Information

Laying a tile floor can be an overwhelming task, but with enough planning and research, the tile laying job performed correctly. Laying tiles might be not an easy task, so you might want to consider hiring a professional tile laying company. Mila Tiles is a cost-effective tile laying company with a solid background in tile laying.

The following describes the tile laying process which Mila Tiles’ professionals adhere to while laying tiles:

Preparation: Laying Foundation For Tiles

When we lay a foundation for tiles we always check what kind of floor foundation our clients have. It is better if there is a plywood foundation, but if it is a typical 1/2″ to 5/8″ element board on top of a floor made of 2x8s, we have more work ahead of us.

After eliminating the base trim, we pull the particle board previously cut into 16″ squares and replace the plywood. We always use the Skil saw to make a straight cut, and for the kitchen we use a “toe-kick saw”. Then, we change the particle board up to where the tile laying will stop. While the particle board is taken off, we always inspect the floor to make sure it is tightly attached to the foundation joists. After that, we carefully level the compound to lay tiles straight.


In first phase of estimation we determine the size of the room to be covered by tiles. We use measuring tape to measure the distance of the opposing walls to each other, multiplying these two distances to get a total area of tile laying square footage.

Choose your tile size and pattern:

Mila Tiles have a variety of tile sizes and patterns. You can mix different tile sizes together to get a unique tile laying pattern. We always make sure we calculate exactly how many tiles you will need to lay a certain tile pattern, and we ensure to tell you how many tiles you will be paying for, upfront. A rule of thumb is to order 15% more tiles than the total square footage of the floor.

Variety of tile colors:

When choosing a tile color you must pay attention to the tile grout color as well. Grout is the filler that goes in between the tiles and can be different color from tile, like: white, grey, terra cotta and etc. Usually, dark tiles will really show off with light grout and vice versa. You will have to decide which look you intend to give to your floor: contrast or monotone.

Tile laying process:

Before we lay tiles we always make sure the floor surface is smooth, so we fill any dents using a floor leveling compound. After we’ve leveled the surface there are two ways of tile laying. The first way is to lay tiling from the door and towards the walls, and the second way is to choose a center point of the room where we lay a first tile and from there we will move on to the next ones. It is really up to you which design of tile laying you will choose, both will create a great looking floor that you can be proud of. Mila Tiles will perform professional tile laying work, just give us a call (416) 434-3931 or visit us at 4400 Dufferin St. Toronto, Ontario.

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