Marble Tile Installation Toronto

Marble Tile is an entirely natural material. It is extracted from the depths of the earth, and is a form of natural deposit: limestone. The usage of marble in building adornment dates back to centuries. Numerous temples, cathedrals and palaces enjoyed the beauty and prestige of marble for years.

Marble is a very elegant stone and has a unique characteristic of veining, and natural colour variation, so no two tiles are ever the same! While veining definitely gives character to the stone, it also makes it susceptible to cracking, so it is essential that Marble Tiles are handled by professional installers.

What Are The Benefits of Marble Tiles?

Timeless Elegance – No other building material can compare to the elegant look of marble. It is very dramatic and rich due to beautiful contrasting colours and subtle veining which runs through the entire surface, providing for an extraordinary look.

Affordable Luxury – Marble Tile installation used to be a luxury which only the wealthy could afford. Nowadays, marble has become more affordable, and thus more popular in many households.

Unique Variations – Because marble is a natural stone, no two tiles will ever be the same. The colour hues are limitless, and further more Marble can be sourced in many finishes; matte, tumbled or polished.

Flexibility of applications – There are many places in your home or business where Marble would look quite dramatic. Most common applications include flooring, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds.

Marble Tile Installation Process

Marble tile installation is very similar to ceramic tile laying, however there are a few differences due to the nature of the marble stone which needs more care to prevent it from cracking.

Surface must be prepared carefully. It must be clean and leveled precisely. Alternatively marble may be under pressure and since it is not flexible, it may crack. In order to prevent this, a layer of cement is applied to help with leveling, or a sub-floor cover is laid.

The tiles are laid carefully, considering the conceived design, prior to adhesive application. This will provide for a sense of tile location.
In areas where whole marble tiles do not fit, it is necessary to cut it. A wet saw is a tool used most often on brittle tiles, and it also ensures for a smooth cut.

Adhesive is applied in a thin layer using a trowel, starting from the most visible side of the room. Start at the side of the room that is most visible.
The marble tiles are carefully placed on the adhesive, and spaces are left in between each tile. When laid, the tiles will need to dry for about 24 hours.

Once the tiles have adhered to the floor, the cracks may be filled using tile cement (not grout), and excess cement is wiped away with a clean sponge.
Finally the entire marble floor is cleaned with water until any traces of grout have been removed.
You may now enjoy your beautiful marble work of art!

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